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Matt Espinosa Imagine for anon

You and Matt sat together in maths, English and science so you got to talk a lot. You and Matt were best friends but you wanted more, you couldn’t tell him that though because you didn’t want to ruin your friendship. You didn’t realise but Matt really wanted to be more than friends too. He kept dropping subtle hints. A lot of the girls at your school hated you because you and Matt were so close.

Matt walked into the classroom and sat down next to you, his hand found yours under the table, you stared at with a confused smile on your face. He always did these random cute things, that made no sense to you. “Do you wanna come over later? No ones home” he smiles playing with your fingers under the table. “Yeah okay” your reply as your hand breaks away from his. He looks at you hurt but then he sees the teacher coming towards you. You watch as Matt rips a bit of paper out of his book, scrawls something on it and hands it you under the table. You take it in your hands and read the message ‘I really need to tell you something :)’ you nod at him and smile as you write something on the bottom of the page and hand it back to him. He looks at it and can’t help but smile, it reads ‘I really need to tell you something as well x’ you stare at each others faces for a second before the teacher makes you jump “Matthew Espinosa and y/n y/l/n will you stop talking and get on with the work I have set or I will have to separate the two of you” she barks, after a minute she leaves the classroom. you and Matt try and hold in your laughter, when she walks out of the room you both burst into fits of giggles.

You and Matt walk along the pavement talking about your homework assignment and your English teachers moustache “Shes got a better moustache than my dad” you roar with laughter, Matt goes into hysterics pulling you to his side. “Do you want a piggy-back” he smiles handing you his backpack. You smile, putting his bag on your back and jumping onto his. He starts running down the hill “Aaaahhhhh Matt slow down!!” you scream, laughing along with him. He stops at his house and puts you down, you hand him his bag as he fiddles with the lock. Once the door is open Matt’s scent fills your nose, you smile. You were in love. With your best friend. And you WERE going to tell him. You both walk into the kitchen, you automatically start make hot chocolates, you always did it, it was your duty. Matt messed about with some wierd remote thing. Just as you handed Matt a mug filled with hot chocolate, milk, squirty cream and marshmallows music started playing out of the speakers in the living room. You stood infront of Matt, between the sofa and fireplace. You placed your mugs on the mantle piece as Matt’s hands rested on your hips. ‘somewhere only we know’ by Lily Allen was the music you moved to, you slow danced together. You didn’t know what you were doing but with Matt your movements just flowed naturally. “Why are we slow dancing?” you giggle, your head in the crook of his neck. “I don’t know” he laughed, kissing the top of your head. Matt confused you so much, one second he’d be acting like this and the next he would just be a friend again. “I guess this is good practise for prom” he smiles stroking your hair. You pull away to look him in the eye “We’re going to slow dance at prom?!” you ask surprised. Matt laughs, studying your features although he knew them like his own. “No silly, I’m taking you to prom… as a prom like date thing. You don’t have a choice in this” he smiles. You feel tears filling in your eyes, you don’t even know why because you’re smiling uncontrollably. “Matt I really need to tell you something” you say nervously, blinking away the tears, your palms become sweaty and you can’t even look at his face. “I really need to tell you something as well, I’ll go first because I just really need to tell you that… er y/n I, well I think that I’m falling in love with you” he says nervously. You stare up at him “I needed to tell to the exact same thing” you reply. His grip on your waist tightens as his mouth meets yours. You close your eyes and sink into the kiss, it was quick but you had butterflies. Everything just felt right, like your master plan was just fitting together like a jigsaw. You both had the right pieces it just took a while to figure out how to put them together. It all seemed clearer now, Matt being cute and romantic because he liked you and then totally friend zoning you because he didn’t want to be so obvious. You smiled at each other, moving to the music again.


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